Eliska Mauleova

I offer proffessional illustrations. I also paint on canvas and draw with ink. You can see my paintings and drawings in the gallery section. From time to time I write a children book … My two amazing kids are often the biggest inspiration for me.

Who am I?

My name is Eliška Mauleová. I studied Danish language and literature at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. I love drawing and painting. All my life I have been dealing with art. In 2003 I graduated with honors at art school Jagellonska in Pilsen, Czech Republic. I exhibited my works in Denmark and Germany. I have also joined and won many national and international art competitions. I am specifically proud of receiving Honorable Mention for illustrations of my book Lucie og fantasidyrene (Danish, 2019) in 3×3 Illustration Pro Show No.16 which is organised by 3×3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. I live in Pilsen, Czech Republic, where I moved to with my husband and two wonderful kids after seven years living in Denmark.